Past Exhibition

"Sound of the heart" Yumi Terasaki

Abiko Contemporary Art Gallery is pleased to announce the first solo exhibition "Sound of the Heart" by Yumi Terasaki. Yumi Terasaki, who is currently enrolled in the Department of Crafts, Graduate School of Fine Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts, has consistently focused on the individuality of plants since she entered university. The plants produced by Yumi Terasaki by engraving are colored by her unique method of "coloring metal" that she devised. She creates her majestic appearance by combining her plants with her pictorial expression, Japanese painting. There is no original color of the plant, and it never withers. There...

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"GOLDS" Mariko Kubo

Three consecutive works of "GOLDS", which is also the title of this exhibition Feeding | Oil on canvas | 2022 marge | Oil on canvas | 2022 Tandem | Oil on canvas | 2022 Mariko Kubo draws a fictional creature based on her own settings. A fictional group of creatures that she began to see in her childhood (hereafter, with her neighbors) to heal her anxieties due to her low sense of belonging because she was born into a relocated family. Call). The facial parts and bodies of the "neighbors" are drawn in a missing state. The details of the...

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