Abiko Contemporary Art Gallery is pleased to announce the first solo exhibition "Sound of the Heart" by Yumi Terasaki.

Yumi Terasaki, who is currently enrolled in the Department of Crafts, Graduate School of Fine Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts, has consistently focused on the individuality of plants since she entered university.

The plants produced by Yumi Terasaki by engraving are colored by her unique method of "coloring metal" that she devised. She creates her majestic appearance by combining her plants with her pictorial expression, Japanese painting. There is no original color of the plant, and it never withers.

There is the "individuality" and beauty of the plants extracted by her.

Each title of "Kokoro no Koe", a series of three works

Voice of the heart ~ Sad ~ | Inner Voice ~ sadness ~

Voice of the heart ~ Don't abandon ~ | Inner Voice ~ don't leave me ~

Voice of the heart ~ I'm here ~ | Inner Voice ~ I'm here ~

Her solo exhibition "Sound of the Heart" focuses on her "flower language".

"Flower language" was created to "tell your feelings to the other person" by putting a feeling that is difficult to name in words into the flower and giving the flower to the other person.

Even the same flower has various "flower language" depending on the variety and color, which conveys affection and sometimes sadness.

In the three-series work of "Kokoro no Koe", which is also the title of this exhibition, Terasaki herself was in a difficult and painful situation, and he could not tell it to others. I was inspired by the experience of spending my time wishing. The flowers used in this group of works are anemone, hyacinth, and forget-me-not. Each of the "flower language" is abandoned, sad, and negative to remember me, but when it's hard or sad, it can be saved by telling someone about it and gaining understanding and empathy. Such thoughts are put into the work.

Recently, people's lives have become unstable due to the COVID-19 pandemic , war, and various anxiety factors. I hope you can sympathize with this work that you are not the only one who feels uneasy about your daily life.