Three consecutive works of "GOLDS", which is also the title of this exhibition

Feeding | Oil on canvas | 2022

marge | Oil on canvas | 2022

Tandem | Oil on canvas | 2022

Mariko Kubo draws a fictional creature based on her own settings. A fictional group of creatures that she began to see in her childhood (hereafter, with her neighbors) to heal her anxieties due to her low sense of belonging because she was born into a relocated family. Call).
The facial parts and bodies of the "neighbors" are drawn in a missing state. The details of the "neighbors" are omitted and are shaped and displayed on the screen throughout every landscape and story. By obscuring the difference between the subject and the object and constructing it in a symbolic form that reinterprets the details, he tries to approach the "neighbor" using both abstract and concrete interpretations.
In this exhibition, since the direct interaction with people has decreased since the pandemic, I dared to focus on the close relationship between others.
The title of this exhibition, "GOLDS," which is a series of three works, was created with the motif of the unusual interaction of various creatures.
Other works are also drawn so that multiple "neighbors" appear on the screen.
Many of Kubo's previous works were portrait paintings of "neighbors" and the theme of "separation," which was a familiar event in her half-life. From her paintings depicting her torn pain and the existence that heals it, to her paintings depicting the joy and longing for joy of interacting with others, her attempt to portray her personal emotions is her own corona. It is an approach as a painter to the evil.